Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece – VI

All the fans of old doors can be happy now: I’ve got some more for you. I would like to erect a memorial for the Greek blacksmiths. They have invented so many different designs for doors. I really love these colors of decay, pastel tears I would like to call it. You will also find a photo of old windows here.


23 thoughts on “Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece – VI

  1. How charming! I always loved the intricate works of the blacksmiths. These a marvelous examples of the craftsmanship they are capable of! For some strange reason I like them in this decayed condition more than if they would be just brand new! Thanks for the treat, but I must confess my favorite shot among these beauties is the one with the windows, go figure. Have a wonderful weekend Mitza.~Eva

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    • The colors of decay make everything much more beautiful to us, Eva. But my friends think I’m crazy because I only take photos of old decaying doors, hehe. I love the windows, too, I love the composition and the colors. When I have time (when will I?) I would like to paint some of these photos. It’s really nice having made your acquaintance. Have a wonderful week, regards Mitza

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