Mediterranean flowers and plants

Just because it’s so cold and grey outside I need a little color and sun. That’s why I want to post some Mediterranean flowers and plants from Kefalonia/ Greece. When I look at my photos I still remember the warmth of the sun on my skin and the beguiling scent that these flowers have in the evening, as well as the beautiful colors and designs they have. The Creator had a good day creating this beauty and beauty always impresses me. It gives me a very good deep feeling of contentment in my heart that I will treasure up to the end of my days.


46 thoughts on “Mediterranean flowers and plants

    • Thanks for your comment. Even though my hometown is the most beautiful town in the world, in wintertime everything is grey, dark, cold and clammy. Therefore I needed a little color and I’m happy it made others happy, too, kind regards Mitza


  1. Hello dear Mitza 🙂 I think we can all use some lovely Mediterranean beauty during the winter, especially on a gray and rainy day like today in Vienna. I can almost smell the flowers and the warm summer breeze! thank you for sharing! Wishing you a lovely 2016, a little belated since i haven’t been online for ages…and i hope everything is well for you! Many greetings! 😀

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    • Hi Alex, I was really missing you, thinking about you from time to time. But I guess you have a lot of meaningful things to learn and do and probably met a lot of people. I wish you a wonderful 2016, too. Thanks for your wishes, I’m okay. Hamburg is even worse than Vienna, I guess. It has a very dark grey clammy atmosphere sometimes which depresses me sometimes, but colorful flowers can help and the memory of Kefalonia. Have a great time, dear Alex, many greetings from Hamburg. (by the way, you can see some photos from Hamburg in my blog, if you ever feel like coming up ) Mitza


    • Vielen Dank, liebe Stefanie, ich bin sehr glücklich, dass Du es sagst. Habt Ihr auch so ein graues, feuchtkaltes Wetter? Habt Ihr Schnee. Wir hatten etwas Schnee, dann regnete es, dann fror es, war schön glatt! Hoffe, Dir geht es gut, ganz liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

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      • genau wie bei uns, Stefanie. Jetzt wird es wieder kalt. Ich habe mir schon eine lange Unterhose von meinem Sohn geliehen, weil ich ja bei solchem Wetter auch Rad fahre, brrr, wünsch Dir auch ein schönes Wochenend, LGMitza

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    • Vielen Dank, Peter. Das scheint momentan viele Menschen zu erfreuen. Zumindest in Hamburg kann es zeitweilig sehr dunkelgrau und feuchtkalt sein, was ich nicht mag. Da fehlt die Farbe. Die gibt es in Griechenland natürlich im Überfluss. Gruß Mitza

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  2. Dear Mitza I will never get tired looking at flowers!!! Just adore them, the most beautiful jewels of nature! They’re the definition of absolute perfection, color, shape, size, design everything combined in the right proportion no mistakes and all of that with a purpose. This post is just perfectly timed, is cold, grey and raining and I’m sitting and admiring these beauties to the last detail, getting lost with my mind into the beauty which they provide to us so unselfishly! This surely lifted my soul up and gave me happy moments, thank you for sharing the eternal beauty of Mother Nature!
    Have a most wonderful week my dear friend! Hugs~Eva

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    • Dear Eva, how can I thank you for your wonderful words? You always feel so deeply what I want to transfer. Like you I’m standing in front of these beautiful flowers and admire their absolute perfection and – as you say – the unselfish way they show it to us. Not many people are so overwhelmed by the beauty of nature like you and me. That’s nice that we share this gift. I made this post for all the wonderful people like you in this world that had a grey and rainy day which I had myself, too. Have a wonderful week, too, dear Eva, all the best, sun and happyness, virtual hugs, Mitza

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